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Position Sensitive Detectors 11

with special sessions on detectors in industry

3rd - 8th September 2017

The Open University, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA, England

The 11th International Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors will feature the latest developments in position sensitive detectors from leading researchers around the world.

The conference has a strong multidisciplinary bias and encourages cross-fertilisation and transfer of ideas between researchers working in many different fields. Keynote speakers will give overviews of latest developments and challenges for the future.

The cost of the conference is intentionally kept as low as possible to encourage wide participation, especially from postgraduate students and early career researchers.

This year's conference is being held at the Open University in the “new city” of Milton Keynes, set in the Buckinghamshire countryside and having recently celebrated its 50th birthday.

As in previous years, papers submitted and accepted by the conference will be published in the Journal of Instrumentation. In addition, all accepted papers will be published on a dedicated web page on the JINST website.

For further information about this year's conference email info@psd11.co.uk

Abstract submission will be through the Indico system at CERN (see Instructions for Authors).

The history of PSD

The Position Sensitive Detectors Conference series started as the London conference on Position Sensitive Detectors in 1987 when it was hosted at University College London.

Since then, it has been held every 3 years, initially hosted at institutions in London and beginning its peripatetic journey around the UK in 1996 when the conference was hosted in Manchester.

Previous conferences:

  • PSD10, Surrey, 2014
  • PSD9, Aberystwyth, 2011
  • PSD8, Glasgow, 2008
  • PSD7, Liverpool, 2005
  • PSD6, Leicester, 2002
  • PSD5, UCL London, 1999
  • PSD4, Manchester, 1996
  • PSD3, Brunel, London, 1993
  • PSD2, Imperial, London, 1990
  • PSD1, UCL, London, 1987